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Did a job yesterday, that took much longer than usual, because the owners had other people there working there, in our way. Though we got mexican for lunch. Later, Amanda made a comment about me enjoying our hot waitress. I asked, "You noticed her too? Or did you notice me noticing her? I'm told I'm very obvious." She described what I did. Apparently, I turn into the Tex Avery wolf.

Woke today. Fixed espresso. Poured it in a huge mug, well over half full of Breyers Coffee Icecream. Drank and ate it's yumminess down in under five mins.

Showered while thinking about the time I was eating with rezu in the TN mall. Told her, "I want you on my lap now." She obliged. So hot. I stared back at a cook I caught staring.

Amanda and I went to Blackhand Gorge today. Got some good pics to share later.
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