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the updating game

Feeling all wonky. There are alot of reasons why. Guessing my anti-depressants are one reason. Wrapping my mind around getting preceived and referred to by male pronouns is a big reason. It's shocking. No joke. Spent the night at my parents the other night. Then the past day with them and other bio family. I stuck it out alright, for the most part. They wanted me to stay another night. I couldn't deal.

I got a weird phone call on my celly, while we were having Christmas dinner. The number looked familiar. They asked who it was. I said my OG name. They said wrong number, but I couldn't help but wonder if.. Said they were looking for a friend. Then I felt like it coulda been a friend that didn't think I was. Or was saying I wasn't being a friend. Got my wheels spinning.

I hope I'll be able to remain androgynous, even though I've come down from my meds. I believe I'll be alright, somehow. I'm still wrapping my mind around ideas of how dating may and may not be different.

I think it's sad how distant I always am from my bio family. Our biological connection seems like the only reason we get together. Sometimes I think it might be the slightest bit deeper than that, for some unknown reason. Think it's just me being sentimental. I usually connect more with other people's families. Not that it ever lasts.

I get awfully tired of my nagging libido.

I'm seriously considering switching instruments again. I know. You don't need to say a thing. I want to play the sitar!


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Dec. 24th, 2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
Sky, I lost your phone number (damnit) so I hope you get this.Are you stopping by tonight for the open house? I don't know how late it will be going, but any time before midnight should be fine.

Like give us a call if you can or if you can't. (614) 451-6269

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