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sleep / false awakenings / pancakes

I fell off the sleep schedule wagon again. Was up till 5AM Sat, goofing off on the net. Just couldn't bring myself to go to bed till then. After that, I slept till 9PM. Took a quick break to call zjon, to apologize for not being able to make it over like I said I would. Went back to sleep till about 430 or 5 this morning.

I miss recalling dreams I can take apart and recognize, as meaningful insights into my subconscious. Lately, I've been having lots of what people that study dreams call, "false awakenings". They are really annoying. I'm usually laying there half asleep, thinking I should wake up. Then get out of bed and put on my clothes. I start walking around doing things. I feel light and full of energy. Suddenly I wake up and realize I'm still in bed, tired as anything. Roll back over to sleep.

Pancakes are kinda odd. They're so heavy, the way they're so filling. But they always leave me feeling hungry for something else. I keep eating them though, because they taste good. Especially when I put chocolate chips and/or bananas in them. Hmm. Wonder what peaches are like in them. I'm gonna go try that. Though I know canned won't be as good as fresh. Never is.
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