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Couple weeks ago was hangin out with Elizabeth at her work at Easton. We'd talk the whole time, walk to macdoonalds on her lunch break. Her co-worker bought us lattes. Afterwards one day, walked around the buns and noodle bookstore there, realizing I'm completely content with my body. So weird, considering that my whole life before, I was the opposite.

My cat lived for around twelve hours after his stroke(or whatever it was). I had to leave, because I had plans with my mom. Amanda stayed with him the whole time. I cried off and on for days after. I miss Woo. I had him since right after Basil and Charlotte moved in with me, on Neil Ave. Around six years. Sometimes I'd walk around the house and expect to see him, or think I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Then I'd sob for a bit. He was buried in a box with the towel he was covered with, and a Hello Kittie doll.

I had a really nice time with my mom, couple weekends ago. First, we went to one of my favorite(out of two) places to eat. Min Ga, a Korean restaurant on Bethel Rd. After that, we walked a couple doors down, to Fantasia cafe. We both had bubble smoothies. So those were two new things she'd never tried. I'm trying to introduce her to new stuff, everytime we get together. Then I drove her to the Drexel in Grandview. She seems so much more fragile. She shivered the whole walk to the theater. We saw the indie movie, The Squid and the Whale. It was a movie about a family, going through a divorce, in the 80's. We both liked it a lot. Afterward I walk back to the car alone, thinking about how fragile life is, and how quick it passes. Also, about how much distance there is between mom and I, and how the rest of my family are almost strangers. Hoping to work toward making that, at least a bit better. I got the car, and picked her up at the door. I totally would have taken my mom to see Broke Back Mountain, to see how she'd react. Plus I want to see it. But she's been having trouble keeping her blood pressure down. So we've been avoiding talking about politics and especially GLBT stuff. Just makes us argue.

I started bartending school last week. It's going pretty good. Got 100% on my first quiz. 96 on the second. 93 third. 83 on the midterm. We started on the hardest week. I want to do alot better by the time we have finals.

My brother got thrown in jail again. He hit an SBC truck with his. Then he got in a fist fight with the SBC guy. Was drinking and driving again. He called mom, asking her to bail him out. My family did that once, but never again. She said no, and that she needed to avoid raising her blood pressure, which she'd just been taken to the hospital for. It was really high. I think she's getting put on medication for that. Some of my brother's friends must have bailed him out. He recently asked my mom to tell me to call, if I ever want to talk, and he would call me, if I want. Seems like a good idea. He's really been struggling with his alcoholism. Trying to get his life together. He'll start to do good, then relapse.


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Feb. 25th, 2006 01:50 am (UTC)
Thank you Basil.

I miss you too. I'm planning on moving to California as soon as I can. So hopefully I'll quickly have a bartending job here, so I can save up for the move. Maybe we can be neighbors again soon :) Gimme a call when you get your new cell. It'd be nice to talk with you again.

I may not move out there, if the state won't pay for the community college I want to go to. I really want to know what you think about that.

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