April 23rd, 2006


Amanda's bro in the hospital

He was drunk and completely totaled his truck today. He's been living with us, for what Amanda says has been about two years, never paying rent, or for any of the food he has eaten. She had him move in with us, so that he wouldn't be homeless. We'd been hoping that he'd get his act together. Now his work truck is completely destroyed(Amanda says he's really lucky to have survived, from the look of it), so his construction jobs are through. I don't know how he'll be able to bounce back from this one.

He's in the hospital wearing a neck-brace. I don't know the exact details. He called a few people, saying he's been released, which seems odd.
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guitar neck / art museum

Bought a new guitar neck a few mins ago. Cus fretless didn't work out like I'd hoped. I'll need the fretted neck for college anyway. Saving the fretless neck just incase.

Ran off to the Columbus Museum of Art today. I'm really ashamed I'd never went there till now. Went on the American Impressionism tour. Then I hopped into another. Really interesting. I didn't know how big the place is, or when they close. I took my time and really did my best to take it in as much as possible. The names I remember seeing, were Pablo Picasso(two of his), Claude Monet and Pierre Renoir. I wish I were able to remember all the names of the artists and paintings I really loved. I ran out of time before I got to see the rest. I really really wanted to see the surreal exhibitions, but I didn't find them till later. Then I had to leave :( dammit. Hopefully I'll get to go back there soon.
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