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dreams: cat man / change

I'm in some rich gay guy's home. (It was my dead grandmother's house.) We look down on what appears to be a painted sculpture on the floor. In the center is a nude muscular man painted up as a tiger. The painted tiger man stands up and walks over to us. The rich guy starts explaining a ritual that the cat man is for. Moby is there, and starts being a big kiss ass to the rich guy. I think that to myself, and am annoyed with his presence. The cat man walks back over to the painting on the floor and returns to where he was on his left side. The rich grey haired man walks over to the door located next to the floor painting and cat man, it's on the side of the house. He unlocks the door. He then tells me that the cat man will leave the house late that night, after he is asleep. When the cat man returns, he will come to his room and attack him in his sleep. I think to myself, "Kinky faggot."

A while later I dream of peeling a thick layer of skin off my foot.

Last one is really easy to translate. Shedding skin equals change. Plus a pun. Change is afoot.

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