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kiss friendly sick boi

Some guy was flirting with me today. I love being flirted with by almost anybody. I didn't find him attractive at all. Though I find I'm sexually open minded, for the most part. So I stayed open minded. He started getting all touchy feely with me. I'm only dating K. We aren't a couple yet. So I allowed him to persist, even though I was as responsive as a corpse. I started to feel uncomfortable, but was in a weird mood, so I didn't say or do anything about it. He kept on saying stuff like, "You're the nicest person I've ever met." I was like, "That's pretty sad." Then he goes, "I've never felt like this about someone." Then I said, "Don't lie." Stuff like that. He asked me to shut my eyes. He kissed me. It was one of, if not the worst kisses I've ever had in my life! Even with my eyes closed. I don't think I could have possibly thought of someone else while it was happening to make it pleasant. At least I didn't puke in his mouth. Though that would have been funny. I started to become more aware of feeling ill, but I didn't do anything. Nothing at all. Like I said, was in a weird mood.

Would I be as apathetic if I ran into him again? Probably far from it. Whatever. I'm starting to feel better.
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