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10 years ago meme

1) How old were you: 19
2) What grade were you in: not in school
3) Where did you go to school: not in school
4) Where did you work: Not sure. Subway or unemployed.
5) Where did you live: Either with my parents, or my friends and their parents.
6) How was your hair style: mohawk or shaved
7) Did you wear braces: no
8) Did you wear contacts: yes
9) Did you wear glasses: no
10) Who was your best friend: nobody
11) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend: nobody
12) Who was your celebrity crush: I hated celebrities.
13) Who was your regular-person crush: A girl I worked with.
14) Were you a virgin: No
15) How many piercings did you have: 3 (ears only)
16) How many tattoos did you have: 1
17) What was your favorite band/singer/rapper: Sex Pistols
18) Had you smoked a cigarette yet: yes
19) Had you gotten drunk or high yet: both
20) Had you driven yet: yes
21) If so which car: I don't remember.
22) Which of your pets were still alive: none
23) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006: No. I thought I'd most likely be a burnt out druggie at some totally shitty job. Was about 25% right.
24) If you could change one thing from the past 10 years what would it be: I would inform myself about the music that I love now. I'm certain I'll always love the music I'm currently into. It has given me direction that I had never had before. I had always thought I was passionate about music. I didn't have a clue. I'm now loving my music light-years more! Thank you molkos_bitch! I owe you big time! truegrit some too for Melt-Banana and both for Swans! Mad props!


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Apr. 1st, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)
aww... i do what i can
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