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I was surprised that Tony Conrad went on first. I'd expected him to go on after Johnathan Kane. So I was disappointed that I'd missed the beginning of his JI drone. That'll teach me to start being early. Hopefully. The drone went on for around 45 mins. It was just him, his violin, and most likely some looping device(s). He sounded like a decent sized string section. The part I found most interesting, was when the whole thing seemed to stay in tune while diving down, up, and some and/or all distorted.

Johnathan Kane and his band were up next. Ok. So I'd read he's really into blues now. But I'd really been hoping, with his background, that he'd bring something to the blue style, that I'd find interesting. No such luck. It was just straight up blues as far as I could tell. So I HATE, HATE, HATED IT! I was feeling so bored and disgusted by the whole thing, that I got up and walked around The Wexner Center, because I found it to be much more fun. Their music seemed like something I'd expect to find in some neighborhood bar. Not sandwiched between Conrad and Chatham. For being on a label that Kyle Gann of the New York Times, called "fearless purveyors of the wildest stuff around.", this music seem to be totally bland, middle of the road stuff. Maybe Table of the Elements should take that quote off their site, for signing this band. Can I say anything sort of nice about Kane and his band's performance? At least I didn't witness any wanky guitar solos.

Seeing Rhys Chatham made waiting through Kane's band, completely worth it. Kane's group stayed on to back him up, plus two more guitarists. Six total. No "guitar army" as was sometimes advertised. But for a tour, what do you expect? They got out music stands and I thought, "Finally, something challenging. GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" They started off with Chatham conducting Die Donnergotter. I loved it like crazy!!! Very, if not completely true to the original recording. Next, Chatham announced they were going to play Guitar Trio. Only this time, there would be seven guitars. Pretty damn good stuff! For their last song, Chatham said they would play a song that he and the band had wrote earlier that day, called "The Out of Tune Guitar". They took a minute or so to change their tunings. Not a common tuning at all. Though they definitely seemed to be in tune with each other perfectly. They began to play. Their guitars blasted what sounded to me, like clashing sheets of metal. I was completely thrilled with their performance!

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