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The Sextrology Test

The vast majority, all true.

Cancer Man

Of any man, he is the premier softie, loving to kiss, hug,
spoon, and moon. He needs that showering of cuddly mother love as much
as getting his rocks off. On that score, nothing imparts more of a pure
erotic thrill than letting an energetic top woman have her way with
him, boobs bouncing, as she barks imperatives and instructions. In
fact, very little in Cancers man's vision of worthwile sex doesn't
include breasts in one way or another. He is the zodiac's preeminent
tittie fucker, and most of his sexual fantasies involve big bosomed
babes in the preverbial pole position. He is anything but squeamish
when faced with a partner's outpourings, a proclivity that may easily
extend to the peepee department. As well, he's way up for anal sex;
though if his mate flashes red flag, he is fine with forgoing it. Of
course, he loves being blown- what man doesn't? � bit for him the act
imparts a particulary soothing and secure, pacifying sensation. He can
be fairly kinky in is makeup; especially where his love for a dominant
women drives him to the extreme. For the most part, however, the Crab
rarely acts on his more intricate fantasies. He seems designed to
propogate, parent, provide and protect. Cancer will typically immerse
himself in that household reality, focusing on his primal needs to be
the pristine husband, the unadulterated consort, regulary coddling,
cooing, and conceiving with his woman. Just as he is almost
pathologically intrigued by those de rigueur female bodily functions-
if any man would think nothing of having sex with his woman when, for
instance, she's not quite finished with her period, it's the Cancer
man. Likewise, he is all over his mate when she's pregnant. The Crab
has a the distinct sexual habit of sneaking in when his woman
least expects it. One would be hard pressed to find a longtime partner
of the Cancer man who hasn't actually awoken to his slowly shagging
her, the actual experience being subtly woven into her dreamscape.

Straight turn-ons:
Aggressive women, Nordic, Germanic types, tall women, big breasts,
implants, kissing, licking, sucking, (active) oral, (passive/active)
discipline, titty-fucking, waitresses/flight attendants, (active) anal
sex, submission fantasies, strippers, porn stars, pregnancy, lactation,
school girls, shaved, waxed genitals, (passive) bondage, leather, biker
chicks, (passive) golden showers, cuddling, spooning, home porn, hotel
rooms, crops, whips, nymphomaniacs, dominatrixes


Unlike many gay men, the homosexual Cancer may find himself physically
excited by women as well; and he may even reach for bi porn over the
purely gay variety. Still, he'll mainly watch the guys doing the women
� nothing imparts a bigger thrill than a hetero he-man in action. Gay
cancer dates a lot, but rarely second dates. That is, until he finds
his perfect man- the exact big daddy anitithesis of his father �
wordly, connected, cultured, and hopefully, brimming with cash. While
straigh Cancer will make up for his orphaned feelings in nurturing
rearing of his children, gay Cancer often calls for a do over of his
childhood. He wants what he never had: a childlike excistence, in a
stimulating, urbane, and sophisticated setting, in which currents are
discussed over breakfast, hilidays are planned, and real estate
investments are debated. Of all the gay men in the zodiac, Cancer can
be the biggest sissy. So as if being son and lover isn't enough, he
will also play the role of wife and mother. He is decidedly attracted
to straight ultramasculine guys, often making love bonds with men who
have heretofore been heterosexual and, often, married. He loves being
the object of a partner's doting adoration, but soon, he'll want more
than fatherly sugar from daddy. In truth, it would shock most anyone
who knew him in light of day discover what this man gets up to in the
dark, if not in back rooms of gay bars. As unsqueamish as straight
Cancer is, the gay Crab can be that much more into scat. He generally
draws the line at pain, however, in any way shape or form. And despite
the darker depths of his sexual desire, gay Cancer is still a sucker
for tender romance, seemingly so utterly content indulge in the scented
candles, champange and bubble bath scene.

Gay turn-ons: Daddies, bears,
hairy bodies, nipple play, piercings, clamps, bottoming, swallowing,
rimming, showers, bathing, bi porn, (passive) b+d, humiliation,
torture, slaving, gags, blindfolds, collars, cross-dressing, kink,
raunch, lite scat, frottage, glory holes, tea rooms, truckers, bikers,
skinheads, whips, chains, slings, rubber, latex, watersports, (passive)
lite s+m, felching, rape fantasies

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Sex
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You scored higher than 99% on Starsign
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