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thoughts about music I listen to

Some things I need to express:

Mogwai's new album is amazing! That alone makes it a steal! But I bought the limited edition cd + dvd + special packaging for $14.99 brand new! I feel like I need to write them a letter of thanks or something.

I watched the Independent Film Channel's documentary, "Punk Attitude" a while back. There are so many genres influenced by punk, that I don't know why they included a half assed overview of no wave. Not a mention of Rhys Chatham or Glenn Branca's symphonic influence to it. You can argue that it was a punk documentary, and therefore should be about artists with no formal musical training. Fine. So why include Sonic Youth? Once again the Swans go criminally overlooked. Why bother an attempt to touch on the no wave scene at all?

The Swans are my favorite. No contest at all.
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