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Earth: the amp and the band

Breaking my rule about no equipment details just this once(hopefully). Amanda got her amp head back from her brother a week or two ago. Very rare vintage amplifier. This all the info I could find about it on the web: Looks like that.

She got a KMD cab back with it. Haven't looked for info on it yet. Says it isn't hers. It's bigger than the Ampeg I'd been using, so I've been running my equipment through the Earth head and the KMD. Sounds fantastic! Next chance I get, I'm gonna feed the output of the Earth head through both the KMD and Ampeg simultaneously.

I had a really great time practicing today. Was liking the stuff I was coming up with. Maybe I should write it down. I've been using a ton of chorus, distortion and a bit of delay. I was really happy when Amanda said it sounds like my music.

The number one influence to my current playing style is the original drone metal band: Earth. Experimental guitarist Dylan Carlson has always been the brains behind it and only constant member from the beginning. Except for the newest album Hex, which sounds like a minimalist ambient(with a touch of Darkside of the Moon era Pink Floyd) soundtrack for a country western movie that doesn't exist, I've loved everything I've heard thusfar. I haven't even gotten the legendary album Earth 2 yet. Should arrive Monday.
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