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practicing / college info / family stuff

Practicing is going alright. Need to work on chord progressions and stuff, buy three or four more patch chords. I de-tuned to drop A. Didn't work. The tremolo lowers it's height, so the strings hit and even rest on some frets. So I'm back to the standard tuning. I wouldn't give it much thought, being only a note's difference. But I can see that making getting to other alternate tunings a pain in the ass at the very least as well. Wonder if I can replace the tremolo.

I called for information about a class at Columbus State over a month ago for sure. They transferred my call to at least four different people and nobody could tell me shit about the class except for the lady I talked to last. Said it was on demand.
Seem odd considering they're expanding the class and no one can tell me anything else about it. They transferred me to the teacher's voice-mail. I gave out both my numbers. Haven't heard from him. Guess I'll need to chat with molkos_bitch to learn anything useful, as usual.

Chatted with my mom on the phone a little yesterday. Said they probably won't be able to make time to work out my farm shares with me till August. I really don't want to wait that long. My oldest sister's twins, who had been living with my parents for about half a year because their dad hit one of them, got an apartment in a small village five mins(or less) away from our folks a couple weeks ago. One just graduated from OSU. My mom asked if I was going to church the following day. Told her I never do. She asked, "Were all the times I took you to church growing up a waste?" "Probably", I said. She said she'd pray for me and that she'd like for me to pray for them. But I don't pray.

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