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the Boris and Sunn O))) show. writing about it and links to video of it

Except for some old school Metallica, Slayer and Ozzy era Black Sabbath, metal had really fallen out of favor with me. Getting the mp3s of those songs someday. But now I'm finding that I'm loving some drone metal. Seems as though I'm getting into doom metal and stoner metal too. I'm glad these bands are getting me back into it. Once again, I'm finding out about them by taking The molkos_bitch Challenge!

I immediately purchased two albums by Sunn O))) and two by Boris. I'd waited to buy some of them at the concert because I'd heard that bands make more money off the merchandise they sell at shows. I even got a kick ass Sunn O))) and Boris concert poster! I'd never bought a concert poster before!

Boris was excellent. Progressive stoner metal trio from Japan. MB said their new album Pink seems on the verge of post-rock. I didn't know the drummer Atsuo does the back up vocals. Their main singer Takeshi plays a double neck guitar. Half bass. Half regular. Wata is the only girl in the group. Like the rest of the band, she is an amazing musician. The whole time, Atsuo was acting like a man that had just done a bunch of cocaine, flying down a roller coaster while just finding out he hit the big lottery jackpot!

Both Boris and Sunn O))) have been influenced Earth. Boris's first album "ABSOLUTEGO" gives a nod to Earth's album Earth 2, with the same subtitle, "special low frequency version". However, unlike Boris, Sunn O))) is an exclusively drone metal band that describes their music as "power ambient". Drone metal is usually regarded as an off shoot of doom metal. It is the slowest metal.

Sunn O)))'s performance was nowhere near anything I'd ever seen. Five guitarists, one bass player and special guest Atsuo from Boris, clad in black hooded robes walked on stage. After checking equipment, they started the drone. The chords would often be held till they faded into feed-back almost coming to a complete stop. One guitarist would also operate a table full of various equipment. Another would play a Moog Rogue synthesizer too, which sat alone side another piece of Moog equipment I couldn't identify. Atsuo started off playing small finger cymbals. After that he was slamming a gong. The chords continued to ring out as they raised horns to heaven. Much later, Atsuo wandered to the middle of the stage with a microphone and started screaming his lungs out for a good while. He held out the mic for the audience. Then he turned toward the band and fell back onto the audience. The whole time screaming like someone being murdered. The fans helped move him and the mic chord over our heads to the back of the crowd and then returned him to the stage. The whole time Sunn O))) played, my body and the floor beneath me vibrated. Their sound often makes me imagine music being created with the worlds biggest tractors. Very bass heavy.

Footage of the concert I found on the web:

I believe that Boris and Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson have been, and continue to (r)evolutionize their genres. Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson have lead many other bands, and I'm pretty sure I read that they operate the Boris and Sunn O))) label Southern Lord. I'm sure I'll be visiting that often.
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