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Got there at four today. The personal trainer gave me paperwork. I need to got one signed by my doctor saying t is alright that I work out hard with my heart condition. It is called mitral valve prolapses. Which means the blood in my heart flows backwards sometimes after beats. I can tell when it happens because I feel my heart jump in my chest. I'm not supposed to drink caffeine. I drink coffee in the morning though. I give my body a break from it when I can afford to be sluggish. It's rare that I notice it. I noticed it happen about three times the last few weeks.

I worked out really hard today. I used to work out at a gym in London Ohio in my early twenties. I'd often work out as long as possible. Couldn't understand why I didn't seem to gain more muscle. The guy that ran it told me one day that I was strong. Thought, um, no. So I was going at it full force again today. A quarter till the place closed, the personal trainer came up to me and said that after you work out for about an hour, you need to eat something or your body will start burning muscle for energy. He suggested I go for an hour and end with cardio. I sat there wondering why he didn't tell me that a couple hours ago. I could've been practicing my guitar. Now I'm pissed I didn't find this all out years ago. WTF?

Cus you know I wanna get RIPPED ! ! ! ! ! *flexing while making constipated faces*

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