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Jul. 21st, 2006

Decided this journal has become too focused on trying to entertain people. Not that I tried much. But any amount is too much for my comfort.

Went out and tried to have a good time by myself.

Scored three new cds. I'll rant about music later.

Had a two bubble smoothies at Pochi Tea Station. One green mango. The other was yogurt. Ate some food there.

Went to a bar. Had a Guinness and a Manhattan.

Walked next door to Shi Sha Lounge, smoked 3 Apple flavored tobacco. Was relaxing for a while. Got up to pee and came back while the guy was starting to take it away. He must have felt bad about it, because he gave me another brick of tobacco. But my daydreaming was over and I got hot and uncomfortable. Read a local free paper. Gave myself a headache from smoking too much. Not too bad of a night. But I usually feel like I've wasted my money if I've spent it on anything other than music related purchases. Today was no different.

I love when a song I love but haven't listened to in a good while pops into my head and sticks with me all day. Feels beautiful, dreamy and melancholy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtJzM7NiY5U&search=Mogwai It did that before I'd watched the video, before I stopped caring about videos. But I put it up for the curious. Not entertaining and adequately expressing myself are two different things. :) But I'd wanted a night sort of like what happens in that video. Didn't get there. Hopefully next time. Maybe I'm just silly. I'll risk it. I'm already so loved.

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