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doctor and stuff / brown out / booze

I went to the doctor. And guess what he told me. Guess what he told me. He said, "Girl you'd better try to have fun no matter what you do." But he's a fool. Cus nothing compares... Nothing compares, to you.

That all went really well though. We chatted about my health and everyday stuff. He checked my ass out. Literally. My previous doctor wouldn't do that. I got all the usual prescriptions refilled, along with a new one. Picking them up tomorrow.

A brown out started while I was in the restroom at the drug-store. And no smart-ass, it didn't happen in the toilet bowel. Don't know when it stopped. It didn't affect my home. This is becoming more common in the summer. Are we headed for an energy crisis? Or is this only part of a conspiracy to try and convince people that the price of electricity needs to go up?

I've been in a good mood all day. Felt like partying all by myself. Needed some down time from the gym anyway. Rather sore. Bought a small bottle of Chambord. A red raspberry flavored liqueur. Now my face is a quarter as red as it was. Kind of like the same colored beret one might find in a second-hand store.

Also got another six pack of Guinness. Bottles. I'd rather not drink it from the can again, unless I desire to drink alcohol and there are no other decent choices. Seriously messes up the flavor.

Amanda often says I'm a three layer cake. So eat me.


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Aug. 2nd, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)
According to those bastards at the electric co. we're all using too much electicity so be prepared to get more rolling black/brown outs grrr. I don't like when its too hot to breathe, I suppose they don't take that into consideration when they cut power.
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