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cross dream / drinking / icecream / facial

I found my special Yogi bedtime tea yesterday. Didn't recall big vivid dreams it can cause. Probably too tired.

But I dreamed I was sitting slumped to the left with my knees on the ground, while having my arms wrapped around the bottom part of a cross and sobbing hard. The cross was pretty small. Woke up sobbing.

Amanda asked if Madonna was on it. Heh.

Maybe small to say not enough spirituality. I feel like I do my best to explore such things when I can. I feel like it'll get better.

I'm drinking Guinness imported extra stout. The more I'm drinking of it, the more I like it. Doesn't layer though. Probably like the regular bottles better.

This past day felt like Friday. I felt really good and relaxed for a change.

I have two favorite icecreams. One is Breyer's Banana Bonanza. I bought and ate the other today. Breyer's Coffee icecreme. Ate it by it's self and in some strong coffee.

Yesterday I gave myself a facial and then immediately went to the gym for hard workout to flush out my pores. Gonna get into the habit of that. I liked how my skin looked today.

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