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We're officially in the worst of summer lull of business coming in. No work on the calendar. One possible job lead. Bills stacking up. Amanda says it usually ends in late August.

Amanda has been depressed lately. Her pet tortoise Murtle ran away. After she told me about em lifting the gate off the hinges, I told her to tie it down good. She didn't tie it down well enough. Someone called police about a tortoise crossing Morse Road. She's looked all over the place and hung fliers offering a $100 reward. It was stopping traffic on the road. So someone probably grabbed and put em in their vehicle. I've been trying not to think about it, because it makes me sad too.

I've had at least two dream that I've been performing cunnilingus on a woman, since the last one I've wrote about here. Very wonderful dreams. The one this morning was so vivid. The whole meeting and getting to know each other. And especially the cunnilingus. Seeing and feeling so well. Tasting so good. Everything was so real.

Playing guitar is going well. Amanda thinks I've gotta be losing my hearing. Been noisy, droney and fun. I know I can do better and will. Just working on the basics right now. Will be easier with more equipment. My parent's haven't made my selling of the farm shares a priority. Haven't talked it over. Going on a week vacation. I'm over here feeling very eager for some needed items. I have so many ideas that need tested and most likely implemented.

I'm so behind in writing here.

Damn Guinness is fucking delicious. Still wanting pot really bad. Please help.

I've been in a healthy routine, except for not getting out and hanging with friends. I'm thinking and hoping that will change soon.

Bummed I'm out of Guinness. MOAR!

I've been thinking about that dream I had earlier this year(or was it late last year), where I'm making drone music with a metal looking guitar. I didn't understand why I was playing a stereotypical metal looking guitar. It seems to have been a prophetic dream, since I hadn't heard of drone metal at the time(wasn't even into metal), I'd already purchased the basic equipment, and my current playing style is very drone metal. I told my counselor, that everything seems to be coming together in this direction. These are some of the biggest signs of a purpose and easily the best in creative fulfillment in this life, that I've ever experienced. Not that I'm aiming to be exclusively drone metal. Harsh noise.

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