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Not sleeping right as usual. Five hours of sleep. Then fell asleep at eleven thirty tonight. Woke a midnight feeling like I'd slept all night. I'm a very nocturnal type of person. I'd just be that way if it weren't for society's business hours. Grrr.. Get with it people. This is too one sided.

Note to self: Need to drive to London Ohio to visit humansmustdie ASAP. Take what little advantage I can of this time off. Plus I should visit friends before I start getting too busy running around getting ready to move.

Amanda seems to be taking the news that I'm moving alright. I don't want to worry. Though I do everytime I think of Amanda's personal life. Another reason to bust my ass to be successful; I want to give the people I love what they deserve. So I'll put worry out of my mind and just concentrate.

My parents are on vacation. Called the house the past two days. I'm glad they're taking one. It's just that they said we'd settle the farm shares this month. It's almost over now. I was already eager. A lot more now that I found out I'm moving soon. *sigh* It'll work out fine. Gotta relax. I want to get stoned sooooo bad.

I'm really behind on replying and posting here. I'll get around to it.

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