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Last few times I've gone to the gym and worked out really hard, I get a shimmering yellow, pseudo aboriginal(?) looking pattern in my field of vision for hours. WTF?

Was happy with my guitar playing today. Noticeable improvements. Even my solo finger work is so GODDAMN CHUNKY! Really turned me on.

Took a break and started looking at guitar gear porn on the net. Saw the phone number on my favorite boutique pedal site. Called it. And WOW! Not only did I speak with another live human! But the one and only guy that invented and hand made my pedal and gave it a one of a kind paint job! I asked questions about a new synth he invented. He was really helpful, nice and grateful for all the praise I had for his work! Even told me about a great sounding new pedal he's hoping to get around to making sometime next year! Said to call back anytime I had any more questions. He lives and makes em in California. Wonder if I could swing by there someday. Maybe I sound ridiculous about this to some people. But this pedal is easily one of my top two most prized possessions, right up there with my guitar! A collector's item too because they aren't made anymore. I'm totally sure I'll be buying more of his pedals soon.

My parents got back from vacation last monday night. Talked with my dad today. Caught him up on my current events. He said he'll contact the farm's lawyer to get our business taken care of. I'm looking forward to that; but am also nervous about it because it's such a HUGE DEAL! I felt bad for not trying to talk with my dad longer, but had to go to the gym. We probably wouldn't have talked much longer anyway. It's always been extremely difficult to communicate with him, and brief.

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