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really awful songs / drama down

I hate when I get crappy songs stuck in my head. Had 2 by Rick Astley in my head. Now only his biggest hit. Thankfully, I don't remember the other. Sometimes it only takes a small reminder to get terrible songs going again in your head. Or none at all. Such songs are so amazingly awful, but somehow catchy, that they manage to etch themselves into your memory. If only I were able to remove them. DAMMIT! THE OTHER RICK ASTLEY SONG POPPED BACK IN! AAAAAAAARG!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

My journal has been pretty drama filled lately. That always gets on my nerves. It's worse to experience then later be like, damn, that shouldn't have been such a big deal, ug, I'm an ass. But I've since been feeling confident that there will be a steady decrease in drama for the most part. So hopefully I'm right and I'll save it for really real unpleasant stuff. Would be nice if I don't run into much of that. We'll see.

Melt-Banana is busy washing the bad music away. Hurray! Extremely hyper and abrasive music with innovative style + very fun, unique & creative lyrics. Much love.

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