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2 things about yesterday: dreams & describing Amanda's pressures

It's terribly hard to get out of bed in a cold room, when I'm still feeling sleepy and have keep waking from ultra vivid gorgeous dreams, the last a glorious romantic adventure. If only I'd been able to recall it better upon awakening, and stayed awake to write it down. Was wishing to get back there. No wonder I love sleeping so much.

During the day, thinking about how, if Amanda would ever snap and start killing some select people(or herself), I wouldn't be surprised. She'd still have my full sympathies, considering the types of pressures she's constantly under. Most people can only be pushed so far, till they are a time bomb. Her troubles have constantly put mine in perspective. Sadly, they're only getting worse. I'm more determined to reach my goals and get there quickly because I wish to be able to help her as much as possible. But I need to help myself first.
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