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Wow. I'd heard about the no wave documentary called KILL YOUR IDOLS this past summer. I got really excited about it from seeing the trailer, then I got busy and forgot about it till a day or two ago. I ran out and bought it today.

I've been ripped off.

There are a few nice moments of old footage/interviews and A WHOLE LOTTA BULLSHIT !

I'd bought a brand new copy of it, thinking that it should be pretty easy to make at least a good or better film about no wave, with old footage of hard to find performances, interviews and... I knew they were gonna have a few bands on it that have sited No Wave as a big influence. Fine. I'd have parked 'em at the end, a song or so by each, get em each to talk about the same amount of time. Then I'd of wrapped it up and had big smiles.

Unfortunately, the new bands seemed to have more time, or at least as much as the No Wave bands. If they're so good as to warrant time on a documentary, they should have made their own about bands that have been influenced by no wave, or the state of their current music scene or themselves or whatever. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS DOCUMENTARY ! YOU SUCK ! Get attention by playing better music, instead of hogging time on what I'd been lead to believe would be a No Wave documentary.

I'm probably being too harsh on the new bands. They didn't know how much time their interviews and footage would be given. They probably thought a lot would be edited out.

It's all the director's fault. Fuck. If I'd been given a chance to interview the same people, I would have included the genius Rhys Chatham for starters, and how he merged the instruments and elements of rock, classical music, the avant-garde of no wave, the avant-garde of composers that worked with alternate tunings and started a experimental music school in Manhattan while he was still a teenager. They specialized in electric guitar compositions for starters. Glenn Branca moved on from being in a four man no wave band to composing more works and symphonies that usually included lots of electric guitars. Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of the then forming Sonic Youth were players in works by Chatham and Branca. You'd be really dense to compare the sound of Sonic Youth and not hear how they were influenced by these composers. I'd also mention the other people that were involved with and/or very influenced by Chatham and Branca's teachings and ensembles, from the early half and later half of no wave(Michael Gira of the Swans easily being my favorite), post-rock, ect. but I don't want to write a book. And I am very far from being an expert on No Wave.

Then everyone is sitting around pondering the current state of the music industry and artists and methods. Hello? Can we please get back on topic? I rolled my eyes in disgust when Lydia Lunch moaned, "Pick up a tuba, a trombone. Anything but a bass, guitar, or drums." Excuse me? Didn't you start out in a guitar, bass and drum trio called Teenage Jesus and the Jerks? Don't confuse creative experimentation, with searching for a gimmick. That's how I took a few of the things said in the film.

I'd thought it'd be terribly easy to make a decent film about no wave. An intelligent and informed person with enough money could create a great movie about all the wild things happening then. But one nice thing about underground music, is not letting people you dislike know about it. It seems that every genre that gains a substantial following is doomed to mostly be reduced to a stupid cartoon of what is once was, by a vast majority of poseurs. I'd much rather see those types move on to a genre I don't care for to show off how pretty they look and play their soulless garbage.

I'll watch this film another time or two, seeking a reason to keep it. But right now I'm thinking I'll probably sell it soon.

To call this a half assed attempt at a documentary is being far too generous.

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