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agnostic / related dream

Nice time sleeping in today. Uh... I've always got too much to say in this journal; so it never all comes out, espcially well enough.

I decided that I'm satisfied with being agnostic.

In a related dream, I'm being held prisoner by Nazis. In the same room with me is a character from the anime movie Spirited Away; which the wikipedia article describes the character as being, "a grotesque but benign radish spirit." Also walrus like with the large white radish tusks. The room and the radish spirit's face turns black. Then the radish spirit's jaws opens and shuts while moving back and forth, left eye spinning counter-clockwise, right eye spinning clockwise, steam gushing from it's ears. The lights come back on. Our skin has been removed. Our pink muscles are exposed; and we have red eyes; which reminds me of the rabbits took care of when I was a child, before their skulls were smashed with a mallet by my father, blood gushing from their nose and mouth; then skinned. Then I see my bones laid straight head to toe, with my arms detached and stacked across my chest; thus making my dead body into an obvious skeleton cross. I believe that my brain is in the skull and guts are wrapped in skin inside the rib cage.

The whole shedding skin and discarding of remains sort of dream.

Think I'm just gonna scan some photos to add to my flickr account tonight, then the usual listening to and playing music. I don't want this journal to be centered around me being a hermit. This will change very quickly. You'll see.

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