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computer's sound issues / ordered rack equipment

After I installed Audacity to play and record vinyl onto my computer, it worked great until I later found that my computer couldn't play audio from my itunes program. Then I guess attempting to use itunes made Audacity's and any audio I found on the net not work. Both programs seemed to function properly otherwise. My computer's DVD player has always worked properly. I just found out a few mins ago that I can play the other program's audio by pausing a CD or DVD in the DVD player and running the other programs. I don't feel like getting into my computer and fuckin with it, so I'll probably keep this up.

Ordered all my rack mounting equipment yesterday. I can't wait to get it all together. I'm sick of leaning over a card table to access everything. My posture is bad enough already; and that'd be sure to give me aches. Plus my equipment is delicate; so buying an SKB Roto Industrial Shock Rack for future gigging is the only sensible solution.
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