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today: free film / cd / free trip / watchin dvds

A few days ago, a guy posted to Live Journal's Columbus photo community, that he had four rolls of 120 film that he got for free from Kodak, even though he'd specified 35 to them for their free film offer. He said he'd mail them out to the person that responded first by posting pictures and stating their camera type. I was first! Recieved them today! Two rolls of Porta 160 Natural Color film; and two rolls of Porta 160 Vivid Color Film! YAY! It really pays to lj sometimes!

First time I've been able to find a KK Null album in a music store. It was even brand new! I also finally found Eraserhead to rent.

Was watchin Eraserhead for the first time, when I got a call from cindi_jenny_guy saying that zer friends have decided to pay for me to fly back out to Philadelphia, to spend New Year's with them in Voorhees, New Jersey! That's so great!

All that and I still have a film/music composition by John Cage I rented on dvd to witness.

Not a bad day at all.
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