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In November Amanda's brother Toby got her a new baby african tortoise named Moby for her birthday, to replace the half full-grown one we had for years before it escaped this past summer. She managed to track down(thanks to a lady that called and informed us of) a man proclaiming himself and his family to be devout Christians, found her tortoise. Soon after, he let us know that the tortoise escaped while they had him in the yard. He invited us to search the many acres of his property. Amanda and I searched the entire day EVERYWHERE in the terrible heat and humidity; through dense woods and thick tall grass. According to Amanda, the times she spoke with them while he was there, he asked some suspicious questions. What sort of food did you feed it? Did you use a heat lamp for it? Things like that.

My goodness, I just can't keep track of all the lovely Christians I know.


This morning I dreamt that her new baby tortoise, Moby escaped and ran away. There we are depressed about it with a terrible storm raging outside. It's dark and the rain poured and the lightning stabbed the earth. The wind pushed the dead leaves against the back of the house to swirl up in front of the large window I am staring out of. A while later, I see Moby is back in the kitchen. Somehow he came through the doggy door. I soon notice that he is acting very different. A shy but friendly tortoise, he'd never bit anyone before, and now that's all he tried to do. He was altogether different and unpleasant. If I defined things as evil, I felt he was that now, constantly plotting against us.

I have trouble remembering everything that happened in the dream. But soon after, I'm in my room going completely insane. In my head, everything(thoughts, memories and senses in my brain liquid) is flowing terribly and uncontrollably fast, under a great deal of pressure, as my body jerks around violently. Between the madness and awful twitching, I am holding a pile of white papers. On them, drawn in red, are ancient japanese style illustrations of ancient japanese warlords. I'm completely horrified by each picture, but can't stop myself from turning the pages to the next drawing.


Today was nice, Amanda and I had incredible fun shopping at Tractor Supply Co. Three hours flew by in there like a few minutes. I'm almost ready for meeting friends and family for the holidays. I really should do more(or less) to calm down. There is also the arrival of new albums, music equipment and my New Year's trip all converging into a hectic holiday season. I should have chilled out, at least with the album buying, but some are so rare and by favorite artists; so I didn't resist. The result of my enormous amount love for them and curiosity. Calming down is the next goal. So much excitement ahead! GAAAAAAH!

I should go meditate.

I'm behind on writing tons more here, but time is limited. I'm also preferring to write about things happening and that have happened, in my journal anymore, for the sake of time, and how our hopes and expectations so often get knocked down. Plus pleasantly surprising people with what I'm currently doing seems much better.

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