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pickin up Bazz & stuff / noise stuff

Got a call from Basil late last night informing he was in Ohio. I picked him up today in Bolivar. The car temp gauge light came on to indicate it was overheating, right before we were to switch from 77 South to 70 West. We pulled over, turned on the hazard lights. Soon the battery was dead. A cop showed up and lit some road flares and called AAA; then left. The flares went out. I got out of the car to see if I had some in the back; but just then the tow truck arrived. Got jump, more coolant and was fine. Stopped by Tractor Supply Co. Made it back fine, along with buying some booze, food and bras. Other stuff too.

Got my third ring modulator a couple daze ago, couple more Y jacks. I think that the synths(Moog Rogue and Roland TR-606) will be at their best ran through separate wave-shapers/ring modulators and then merged into one ring modulator. I'm pretty sure; but things have been too crazy to see yet. Feed back looping the last ring mod may be cool too. Tons of experimenting to come. My multi-mode filters are so perfect. I'm very proud of the selections I have made. I can easily lose an entire night on that stuff, and I've barely wet my whistle.

Flying out this morning. Gotta get my ass in gear.
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