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ramblin bout dating

Dating is seeming so ridiculous. Keep wondering if and why I should.

I probably just haven't met the right person. Your body looks nice enough. Now try writing down something interesting.

To some people, teh int0rweb may seem like a silly/bad/pathetic place for finding dates on. Though I've had just as much luck here as in person.

Just increasing my chances by making myself easier to find. Not looking for them.

I'm not even remotely in a hurry. But then again, I'm doing this.

I think my best bet is to work harder on my music and play out. Meet people that way.

The last person I dated thinks I broke us up (at least partially)because ze doesn't like Harsh Noise, and doesn't see how there is room for someone in my life that isn't into it; because it's become such a huge part of it.
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