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molkos_bitch told me that Columbus is supposed to have a good noise scene. Said that Sword Heaven is from Columbus and is supposed to be good. So I decided to check out their show and start networking a little bit.

It was at Cafe Bourbon Street. I drank coke from the bar; which had half scrambled porno-movies playing on a TV set. There were lots of familiar faces and the place was packed.

The first group was Starlight Fleecing who did a bunch a soundscapes. I thought they did good and told the guitarist so. His name is Larry. At the end of the night we talked some and he gave me a free CD. I've seen their synth player working at The Coffee Table for years. Don't know if he still does. Their drummer played on a small set that included a bicycle wheel and sometimes a violin bow! They sounded kinda like one of Sonic Youth's incarnations.

The second group that went on did the worst live music I've ever heard! Just because you play noise doesn't mean that you can get away with slacking off! Completely boring. They played one chord the entire time with one simple constant drum-line and occasional random screaming. I was very tempted to leave. I can't believe I clapped a little after they finished. I'm sure it was only from feeling the joy of knowing they were done.

The third group was better than the second. Merely complete chaos from two drummers, three guitarists and two saxophone players; while all but the drummers thrashed into each other and the audience. Oh wait! No. There were occasionally two notes played in rhythm together from the sax players. I had chatted with some of their members when they offered me a seat at their table; where I ate my tacos. The guy I mostly talked with, made and ate peanut-butter sandwiches and claimed they are a rock group. Um.. ok.

Sword Heaven began setting up last. The drummer looks like a wild man. Un-managed hair and crazy looking eyes. Though I did notice that he finally lost his gigantic beard. He wore only a pair of pants. When he got off stage, he walked all hunched over while he grunted and growled. He had three cymbals that clanged against each other as they were dragged behind him, tied to the back of one leg.

Sword Heaven started and their sound was largely massive metallic clanging and screaming. I'd read that The Swans earliest music is their biggest influence. I could hear some of that. But they also used different techniques and various other sound sources; many of which I could not identify. I have no idea what the guy with the glasses' sound source is; that he had held by a rope slung over his shoulder. A type of open sided long pipe or board with electronic stuff and/or maybe some kind of shaker box inside? He also operated a small table of equipment. There was a five or six feet tall sheet of metal he liked to beat on as well.

The drummer had a contact-miked collar around his neck; which made me wonder even more if Animal from The Muppet Show is one of his biggest influences. Both guys screamed their heads off and at times reminded me of Masonna.

I must have been beaming from ear to ear because the gas station attendant accused me of being drunk. Then said, "You look like to had a good time!"

You can bet I'll be seeing Sword Heaven again!

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