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I've got friends in ....... places.

My friend Keith was fired around a month ago after the redneck assholes at his warehouse job decided to gang up and lie to his employers, by telling them that he makes obscene comments among more outlandish slander they made up. Then Keith got mad when he was approached about these accusations. In his response, a cuss word escaped.

I was proud of how fast Keith bounced back though. About a week or a little over later, he had another job, far from ideal; but good enough to pay the bills till he finds something better. Then he thought he stumbled upon his dream job, doing online searches for a company on the internet. He's doing both jobs now, but can't get enough hours at his dream job; so it's his weekend job.

Amanda was pulling extremely long hours plowing snow recently. Sometimes non-stop for days. Her transmission went out last night. So much for lessening the rate of debt being acquired.

Sorry, I know that people aren't worth any kind of attention if they aren't rich or famous.

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