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I drove over to spend the evening with Rich and Kenny. They gave me some lasagna and garlic bread to eat. I opened up and drank a bottle of Guinness I'd brought with me. We did our best to catch each other up on events that's happened since my last visit, what we're currently up to and aiming for.

I brought my favorite movie, Gummo, for us to watch. They hadn't seen it before, and said it was the most disturbing and weirdest movie they'd ever seen; incomparable to anything they'd ever encountered before. I don't feel that it's anywhere near that simple though. Not trying to say they necessarily implied that it is. I have a huge post in the works about it, it's writer/director, his various other projects and a bit of a biography on him.

Prior, during and after the movie, Rich and I smoked low doses of the legal hallucinogen, salvia divinorum. We listened to their new wave music, rap, pop and emo. Our tastes differ greatly. I nursed an additional beer. I had two cupcakes. I took three/four photos of Rich and Kenny with my Holga camera.

After Rich put himself back into a comfortable mood with an episode of Will and Grace, he once again took up the job of being my spiritual adviser. I'd rather skip the details and just say that everything he said was right on the money. Was an amazing and enlightening conversation. Reasons were given for why I go through certain mental troubles. He told me things to do and avoid to help alleviate many things that have been troubling me all my life. So I'm ready & willing to give it a go.

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