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bad phone connection / BASIL IS MOVING BACK !

Bad phone connection(or something else) with that girl I wrote about having lunch with the last time, made her voice almost completely muffled. Was kinda hard to keep from laughing because I felt like I was having a conversation with Charlie Brown's teacher.

Found out just prior to that, Basil and his daughter Charlotte are moving back to Columbus. I'd thought that I'd subscribed to his blog, but hadn't, and just now found out!

Now I'm up to three reasons to stay in Columbus:

1. Amanda
2. The bit of a noise scene I'm starting to find.
3. Basil and Charlotte

I'll count Rich and Shawn too if we start doing things again. Don't know if that's all reason enough to stay though. It'll be so wonderful to see Basil and Charlotte again. I've always missed them so much after they moved.
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