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I took all three of my movies and the two cds + dvd edition of Jeff Buckley's album Grace, over to my parents on Saturday. I got there around ten. They'd been sleeping for hours. Started drinking Guinness and watching the Jeff Buckley dvd. I cried a bunch during it. Thinking, "He was soooo beautiful." After that, I put in Gummo and was again often moved to tears. Instead of watching my second favorite movie, also written and directed by Harmony Korine, Julien Donkey-Boy; I decided to mix it up with another viewing of the surreal, live-action/stop motion animation Japanese art-house, industrial film, Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Like Gummo, I had no idea how much I would grow to love it, even after the first however many times I watched it. I like to think that these three movies I own, have become permanently ingrained in my psyche.

The next morning, I first heard the familiar sound of little doggy feet racing up the stairs and into the bedroom, before my parent's West Highland White Terrier, Max, jumped onto the bed and proceeded to dart back and forth across the covers and I; till I grabbed and held him still in my arms like a plush toy, then started petting him and waking up. After a quick breakfast of the scrambled eggs my mom cooked, and a few cups of coffee, I got ready and met my parents at the methodist church in the very small village, a quick five minute drive from their house. It was weird to be there again. It had to have been at least a decade since my last visit. Most everyone seemed really happy to see and talk with me again.

I met the new pastor. He was brought in to replace the woman that previously held the position, till she was interviewed by a local news station, at a protest against the ban on same sex marriages; where she stated that gay people should be allowed to marry. I was told that it caused an uproar in the church. I was also told, that her last sermon included her telling the church members that they are intolerant and cruel. To which, they supposedly only replied that their church believes differently; then quickly ousted her.

I sat on the right of my mom, with dad on her left. One brother, sister and their families sat behind us. I was ready to walk right out of there, if anything remotely negative was uttered about GLBT people. I was only there to show support for my father, the day before his operation. We all gathered around him, at the alter, to lay hands on him as he was anointed and prayed for. I seemed to be the last to put my hand on him, who was able to. When I did, he turned and looked at me. I managed to smile at him. He turned back and tears streamed down my face through the rest of the ceremony. The rest of the service was much easier. I actually enjoy singing at churches. It's very anonymous.

After church, my mom, dad, sister and her family went to bev obens restaurant. Was ok. Spent the afternoon with my parents. Snapped some pictures of them with my Holga.

Monday, dad went in for his surgery at 5:30 AM. It took much longer than expected. I saw him the past day. He is still unconscious with lots on tubes hooked up to him. My oldest sister was there with mom. Everything has gone alright so far, except for a blood clot; which they are now trying different ways to remove.

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