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Numark USB turntables are shit / shoegazing

I picked up a replacement for the last turntable when my dad was in the hospital. Was feeling too fucked up to put it together for weeks. I got it together, to find that it wobbled as it turned. Ok, I can see some freak mishap going on when manufacturing something; but you better really kiss my ass to keep me afterwards. Guess I'm old fashioned like that. I asked for my money back. The guy behind the counter was giving me a bunch of hassel about it. Even after I got done explaining myself well; he just said to bring it back when I could talk with a manager. I stood my ground and his co-worker came in and said they'd give me my money back because they've been having all sorts of problems with those. I turned to the guy I'd been talking with and said, "Yeah, I wasn't lying to you or anything." Lazy bastard could've at least asked people he worked with, before he tried to send me away. Thanks prick.

Was shoegazing up a storm for days recently. I want to impress D. I've been trying out different techniques for it and settings. Thusfar I've managed to mostly or completely phase out the sound of plucking the guitar strings, very similar to Scott Cortez's guitar style in his two person group with Melissa Arpin, lovesliescrushing. I'd like to be able to be more like the other shoegaze groups I love too. But I'll definely retain and work on the lovesliescrushing inspired sound, as I've never heard anything remotely like that in a live setting. I highly doubt that the vast majority of people in the world have either, at best.

I'd like to have a nice shoegaze side project going with a woman on vocals. I'll try D out. Hopefully I will be unbiased and she will still work out well. I think it'd be really healthy for me to move from such complete extremes as the abrasive assault of harsh noise, all the way over to the smooth overwhelming beauty of shoegaze. Ideally, if I ever put together a band, I'd want it to be post-rock. But I feel I'll be completely content just doing harsh noise well. Hopefully I'll be able to vent a lot of awful things into there, to be turned into something truely wonderful.
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