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a question about Nine Inch Nails and industrial music in general

As you probably know, I've finally been finding some industrial music to love.

This isn't meant to be insulting or whatever. But why do people call Nine Inch Nails industrial?
Goth rock + synthesizers + dance beats = industrial?

If I understand correctly, from all the information I've gathered; industrial music refers to one or both of the following descriptions:

1. 'Experimental'(at least trying to be these days, as it tends to be increasingly difficult to be truely innovative), non rural based music.

2. Music that emulates the sound of factories.

This has been bothering me. Maybe that sounds silly to you. But till recently, I didn't think I liked industrial music at all, except for the film Tetsuo: The Iron Man; in which every aspect of the film and soundtrack is obviously industrial. I'm still currently trying to figure out where I can order albums by the japanese industrial band that scored it, Der Eisenrost.

Midnight. Need to go get my drink on. And some other stuff too.
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