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book / my music

Felt like a ragged mess before, during and especially after my last post. Yes, more than usual. Avoided internets ever since last entry, because of it; and also because of being too busy. I'm doing better. I've been hitting the gym, playing my instruments and reading "Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity" by David Lynch. It's interesting. I guess I was hoping it would be an instructional book on meditation too. It's certainly making me want to seek out a good book on Transcendental Meditation as soon as possible.

I've been playing my synth with my drum-machine a lot lately. Need to get on the guitar more. I have a terrible itch to get out of the house to begin collecting 'field recordings'. I'm going to go buy a tape recorder today. Need to dig out that four-track too. I've been on the hunt for high quality quarter inch, male or female, stereo to two mono, audio cables. I have a couple on back order with musician's fiend. Gonna call and check on that today.
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