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Been hanging out with Jeff at least once or twice a week since we met. The last time I was there, we went to a mediterranean restaurant in Pickerington that he'd introduced me to, for the second time. They are family owned. Everything they serve there is delicious and family recipes, including their Turkish coffee; which is specially brewed there with sugar and chicory. It's the best coffee I've had in my life! Free refills on it too!

After that, I went with him to buy coffee beans and a bigger French press, for entertaining company. I will probably buy a French press and a coffee grinder soon. It seems like a very practical and inexpensive way to make perfect coffee. The kind he bought after conversing with the employee there about the selection, turned out to be pretty amazing in it's own right; because of it's great taste and unbelievably clean finish! Seemed to be no aftertaste at all!

While we did that, talked and listened to music; he helped me do some more meditations I'd never heard of. He'd started me off on one soon after we first started talking. That and the newer one feels like I can open and close doors in my mind. I'd never come across anything like that before. We worked on trying to find and open up where erased ones were, open as many kinds as possible and leave them open. He says that the habit I created, of choosing not to remember things, is unhealthy because I'm shutting out things I need in the process and promoting memory loss. I haven't had problems with depression from it so far. The whole selective memory thing was always too tricky to do with any kind of consistency anyway. There are times when shutting them could be handy. It all needs lots of work. I should meditate more in many different ways; at least as a stress reliever.

Earlier that or the previous week, I met some of Jeff's friends and we played D&D. I hadn't played since my early twenties; which was when I first played. I had a very good time. I wouldn't want to play fantasy games like that on videogames or online games. With little to no use of imagination or live interaction with people, I don't see the point.

The week before, we'd eaten at the mediterranean place and hung out at the local bookstore, going through books and talking. I bought a couple and he let me borrow an additional book by Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death. Recently I've only started his book Fear and Trembling and The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla. I need to read more. My attention is split between six different books right now.

I also got to wield Jeff's authentic Claymore. That sword is about as big as me! We were both surprised at how relatively easy it was for me to hold and control it. It reminded me of the dream where I was destroying all the junk with a sledgehammer. I am made of insane amounts of industrial thunder. Felt like I should go kick ass at that point. Too bad I wasn't able to swing it, because it took up the entire length of that bedroom. Even in the biggest room of Jeff's place, it would've been asking for trouble.

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