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Less emotional?

I had a nice laugh at my personality award on, where it implies that I have the emotional sensitivity of a robot.

First off, the people that run that site are either unaware or purposefully ignoring the recent leaps in android technology. Perhaps they are merely being insensitive to the alienation that those models feel. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the manufacturers immediately inform those androids of their limitations, including that they are ugly and will never be loved. Such actions will most likely be repeated daily whenever desired for maximum effect. It doesn't matter at all, because the androids are completely replaceable. Their emotional software needs to be tested anyway. And why shield them from real life experiences?

What they need to learn in order to be successes in this life, is the often gradual shifting of most of the emotional program, in order to achieve more selective aims. Primarily, how will these circumstances affect the people and/or things that the android cares about? The more outside priorities are dropped, the higher their levels of focus, productivity and self-satisfaction will become.

Pointing out that the less fortunate are probably immoral, lazy good for nothing wastes of space helps too. They're all clearly just trying to steal the spotlight from how fabulous we are.
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