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travel meme

From the altfriday5:

1. What is your favorite mode of local transportation? Automobile. You're in for a rough time if you live here and don't have your own vehicle, unless maybe you only want to get around during daylight hours on the few busiest streets and aren't in danger from the other bus riders.

2. What do you like about it? Dislike? Not dealing with what I just wrote above. I suppose it can be faster. But in cities with good public transportation, the difference isn't very much. You'll often find in big cities that you'll just get stuck in traffic or spend all day searching for parking far from where you need to be and paying a lot for that. I can get into high speed car chases. Those happen a lot. I'd sure miss them. Automobiles are often used a status symbols. I hate people that do that. Like hey I paid too much for this stupid SUV, but you'll pretend to love me because it's a sign I have money; so get in you whore. I hate needing to pay so much for buying, maintaining and fueling a personal automobile. I greatly prefer when I've been in Chicago, San Fransisco and San Jose California. In those places the public transportation was one of the greatest things about being there. But there is also concern of catching illnesses from all the strangers. Though I also hate the isolation of automobiles. Though there can be needed privacy there too. And if you have a large amount to transport, they're handy. Yeah. It's a game of give and take. Can't hurry love. You know. Fuck.

3. What is your favorite mode of distance transportation? Airplane.

4. What do you like about it? Dislike? Because if I wanna cross a large body of water, I don't want to be some microscopic dot bobbing around with whatever below and around me. Then all the sorts of wild weather possible. I'll take my chances flying. It's the fastest and I can hop a plane, have some beers and say hello to wherever on Earth I please!

5. What factors go into your decision to take or not take a trip? The last question reminded me that I still need to get my passport. That narrows my choices to within this country. But of course whether or not I have the time and money are the first factors. I believe the next time I'll leave the country will be to tour. It seems really common to be interested in Japan. I want to say I am too, mostly because I love to listen to so many music artists from there. That exerts an extremely huge influence on me. I don't know why. Music is only the background that songwriters rest their poetry on. They write the words and come up with how they wish to sing them; then the musicians come in and add some background sounds. Just filling in the empty spaces.

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