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3 Good Horoscopes From Tarot.com

Was checking them out for fun this past day. Jeff sometimes goes to the site because he finds that it's often oddly accurate. I must admit this is completely in step with the last couple of days and what has been planned. I'm Cancer on the cusp of Leo, so I read both.

Leo Sunday, Mar 30th, 2008 -- Transforming your dreams into reality can be quite a challenge now, for even though you see the outcome in your mind's eye, the manifestation is still different from the fantasy. You may be tempted to fight for great gains, but you'll be more successful by narrowing your focus and taking one small step at a time.

Cancer Monday, Mar 31st, 2008 -- The paradox of the day is that your feelings simultaneously sink to a deeper place within your subconscious mind while also becoming less connected with your body. But if you are disenfranchised from your emotions, you won't be able to express yourself with the necessary power. Remembering a previous family situation may stir up unresolved feelings but can be the catalyst you need.

Leo Tuesday, Apr 1st, 2008 -- Exciting times with unusual people are in store for you now that the high-strung Aquarius Moon is in your 7th House of Partners. Nevertheless, you may struggle to push past your own resistance that comes from feeling guilty about having fun. Don't work so hard to please others. They may be happier with a more authentic version of you, instead of your dramatic gestures. It's time to chill out and act naturally.



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Apr. 14th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
I'm an aquarius, and some of the things I've read are pretty accurate.

Guess what? I purchased a miniature deck of tarot cards the other day. But I have no idea how to use them.
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