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communication meme

From the altfriday5:

1. What is your preferred means of communication, in general? (email, text, phone, face to face, smoke signals, etc) Phone.

2. You have something difficult (potentially upsetting, say) to say to someone. How do you do it? Face to face if possible. Especially if it's really bad news. Oh and somehow that's also preferable to just ditching someone you've been seeing romantically. That's nice in theory. I guess people aren't into it anymore. Must be outdated.

3. Someone has something difficult to say to you; how do you prefer to have them communicate it? Whoa there! Déjà vu!

4. How often would you say you beat around the bush when discussing difficult or sensitive topics with people whose reactions you care about? I don't think that I operate like that. I can't think of a time anyway.

5. You're upset. How do you communicate it? Cry, complain to someone, journal.. I need better outlets.
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