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Trashed Tape / Bass / Why Guitar?

I was disappointed when I made a lot of improvements over content and the way I recorded it. Really irrational there. I'd previously thought that I needed to borrow my ex-roommate Amanda's brother's bass guitar. Turns out that because of removing the third bridge(which added too much tension) and keeping the standard to a bit higher bass range, it functions much better than a regular bass. I'll try different tunings later. Always giving my strings a run for their money. They are the perfect tension now. The screwdriver is on the bottom fret now. I'd felt stuck in the standard fret spacing. So I'd been asking myself lately, why should I play guitar?

1. The overtones.

2. Palm muting for a percussive metal sound. It seems much easier than running around finding nice metal items to bang. Though there may be some of that too.

3. It feeds back really great.

4. The desire to play as far away from clichés as possible. Restore it's purity. Expand against false limitations. I also want to say that I associate so much negativity with the rockstar phenomenon. I never want to be thought of as someone like that. I only want to be me, making sounds with whatever.

5. The strings are so high that it's easy to play it like a fretless via slide guitar. I'm currently keeping my eye out for a nice metal bar that is near the length of the strings that will work well as a slide.


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