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Regular Bass / Mostly Straight

Been practicing on the bass Amanda's brother Rob gave me. All I see standard bass as being personally useful for would be playing chords on like early Swans. I don't want to. I appreciate plenty of people's playing on fretted basses, but I don't like it. Maybe I'll make this one a fretless sometime. Otherwise I don't know what I'll do with it. If I'm going to have a fretless bass wouldn't I rather just buy a six string fretless someday. Maybe this will just be an alright starter fretless bass to test out how serious I am about learning it, before I make a decision for or against getting a better one. I guess I'm ditching early things I wrote again.

I'd been doing more thinking about sexuality. I doubt I can be anywhere near as compatible with a woman as with a man. If I'm wrong I'm wrong and don't care. I'd just for the last couple of days been doing my best to imagine the possibilities and still say I'm mostly straight.
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