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Random: Déjà Vu / Dream Pop & Shoegaze / Art Museum

I was making dinner consisting of a cheese, sour-kraut and potatoes dish. I got déjà vu about burning it badly and Jeff saying something about that. So I turned back down the oven. Potentially more handy than the feelings of déjà vu I'd occasionally gotten years ago and it'd just be the equivalent of me standing in a greeting card aisle, which happened once.

I'm probably keeping some digital delay pedal(s) and also the digital effects processor. Holding onto the idea of a dream pop/shoegaze side project. Seems like something fun and rewarding to do. Not something I'd want to do live. I'm going to go too over the top.

I got The Complete Artist's Way book from Jeff and Nancy for my birthday. Thank you very much! I'd been doing my best to think of something to do on one of my 'artist dates'. The first was going out to take pictures. The new one is going back to the Columbus Art Museum. I feel like inviting someone. So if you're local, I may ask if you wanna go sometime.
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