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More than a fair amount of fun.

Alright, while I'm in a good and bloggy mood.. Low on energy. Yes, it is time. Last Sunday I went to The Ohio State Fair with sexy_librarian, hobbesthetiger and rook330. We had a great time. I didn't do everything I've ever wanted to do at the fair. That's completely fine though because I had really great company. They were cracking me up all over the place or just being really interesting and cool. I finally got to see the pigs race. I'd wanted to see that for years. We enjoyed everything. I could go on, but that's about all I feel like saying here. Thanks again for the invitation! See you again soon!

Other than that I've been staying extremely busy, going to bed and waking crazy early. Got back to putting together my music set-up. I'm gonna call about switching my guitar necks now. *edit* Wait no. Ordering new strings.
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