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Religion & Spirituality Meme

From the altfriday5:
1. Do you consider yourself religious? Spiritual? Neither? Something else? What do those words mean to you? Both. The former only recently again.

2. How would you describe your system of beliefs about the world? Does a commonly used term (Muslim, humanist, Pagan, agnostic) fit comfortably for you or have you had to develop your own way of thinking about and describing this? The first question seems too vague. I live on a planet called Earth. It's tolerable and possibly salvageable.

I consider myself to be a Kabbalist. I'm still very very new to it and have much to learn.

3. Were you raised in a family that participated in a religious tradition? Either way, how do you feel about that? If you were raised in a particular tradition, what's your relationship to that tradition now? Yes. Religious tradition is good if the follower thinks so. I was taken to church growing up and was a Methodist Christian until I was about fourteen. I enjoyed it much more when I started. I don't know if it helped me much if any or made my life worse. My mother bothered me constantly about not being a Christian after I stopped. That just helped to drive me away from the one person in my family who I could talk with a little.

Relationship to it now? I think I've started back on the path I began there. There are parallels but I'm not affiliated with the Methodist Church.

4. What factors have influenced your decision to affiliate -- or not -- with an organized religious tradition? Methodism and most of it's followers don't seem to have any understanding for GLBT people and the importance for them to be true to who they are. That was mostly the reason I left. Kabbalah has been the perfect fit for me. I'm sure that it will remain so. I still also seek the truth from other religions, spiritualities, philosophies, science, ect. I think it's important to look everywhere even if you just find out what it's about. Yay! Learning! You'd think everyone would be into it but I do run into people that swear they don't want to. How sad and scary.

5. Whether or not you consider yourself religious or spiritual, are there things you consider to be sacred? What are they? Learning, growing, loving, living(not just existing), truth, helping, healing, caring...
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