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Wut r ya? Yella?

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you feel that colors affect your mood? If so, how? Mostly just if they're awful combinations; but I've sort of grown accustomed to going places that have colors and patterns that look like the worst aspects of the 1980's projectile vommited everywhere. Then I remind myself that I obviously expect too much from people. That happens while I try my best not to perpetuate the mess by vommiting. The last step I take is bracing myself for a possible bad acid flashback.

2. Do you have a personal color palette, when it comes to clothing? It's fairly wide. I avoid pastels like the plague.

3. What are the prevalent colors in your home? Is this intentional or accidental? It's white, black and yellow for my room. It seems to be accidental. It's from the walls and my music equipment. As long as it doesn't look bad, I give a flying fuck all about decorating.

For the rest of the home, I guess it's silver and dark wood.

4. What colors are prevalent in places you find restful, whether indoors or outside? I don't find any indoor location particularly restful. I think that I only seem to really relax and let go(more than usual anyway) while I'm visiting nature preserves. So I say greens and browns.

5. What is your most recent memory of noticing a color? What were the circumstances? Was it a pleasant or unpleasant experience? I'm always noticing color. I'm into it. So it's pleasant. What the hell? It's usually not the colors that I find to be in bad taste it's just how people sometimes use them.

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