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Shopping / Party & More

Today was very cool. I went shopping for clothes and miscellaneous items with maitha. She was completely helpful. We had a great time. She's lots of fun. Shopping for clothes is usually a seasonal thing for me and just a couple of things. But no, this time I bought a pair of pretty dress shoes, a purse, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris, a couple skirts and five tops. No reason to be jealous. It was just recovering from my last purging around four or five years ago. A really fucked up story for another time probably just for recent readers. I'd gotten so sick of only wearing the same two almost identical pairs of blue jeans with alternating t-shirts. Plus I've lost weight to the point where those pants were only being held up by my belt and feeling totally baggy and gross. There was also the upcoming wedding of sexy_librarian to hobbesthetiger I needed to get ready for. So to say this was completely needed, refreshing and comforting is a complete understatement.

Once I was home I took a shower, put on some new clothes and a bit of make up. I picked up some beer and went to another rockband party at sexy_librarian and hobbesthetiger's house. rook330 was there as always. It was great to also see gothicsquish, lucki_dog and newly aquired lj friend nogoodnick. I'm putting some effort into getting to know more people. There were other people at the party. Maybe I'll learn more about them later. I took some more polaroids there. I'll share them once I find or purchase another power cord for my scanner/printer.

I stopped at a bar called Shooters on Brice Road on my way home. A guy that works on my shift named Brent owns it. I had a free beer there and carried on conversations with him as well as you can carry on coversations with someone who is totally drunk. It was alright.

I took a few more polaroids of me and the cats when I got home. The best one was of Sir Percival or as we call usually call him Perci or Mister Perci. I got the perfect shot the second time. Then he hissed at the camera. Grumpy ol' fur-ball.

More beer and fussing over music now.
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